Lacking inspiration? Listen to these podcasts.
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3 Podcasts to Listen to When You’re Feeling Uninspired

The other day, I looked at the time after what seemed like scrolling through my Instagram feed for five minutes. And there it was, like a sudden jolt of electricity: I’ve been on it for more than an hour. So I reinforced my decision to be mindful. I looked at not only what I spent …

Great Mornings Cafe is a cafe at Ayala Malls Serin in Tagaytay.
Food and Drink, Living and Culture

Great Mornings Cafe: Delightful No Matter the Time of Day

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. While other meals are just as great, there’s just nothing as comforting as good ol’ tapsilog and a cup of good coffee. So places that serve breakfast all day is always good in my book. Great Mornings Cafe in Tagaytay is definitely one of those places. You …

Crystal deodorant is getting popular. But what is it really about?
Beauty, Fashion and Beauty

Crystal Deodorant? Here’s the Deal

For Filipinos (and Asians, in general) crystal deodorant isn’t really a thing of novelty. I remember being told by my mother before I hit puberty to use calamansi as a deodorant so my underarms would stay light and hairs don’t grow. That’s what my grandma did, she said. But as a stubborn kid, I eventually …

A resume is like a pamphlet for a first impression. Make sure you write one that grabs attention.
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Werk! How to Make a Resume That Gets You Noticed

An insider’s take on what makes a killer resume Let’s be real: Finding a job can be a gruelling process. From looking for the perfect one that fits your skills to actually getting your application noticed, it’s a challenge that takes lots of time, effort and patience. And while they say first impressions don’t last, …

Why buy something you can wear only once? Wear these bridesmaids dresses again and again even long after the wedding.
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Bridesmaid Dresses That Can Be Worn Even After the Wedding

Back when I used to serve as a bridesmaid at weddings, not that I did it professionally of course, but when people I know got married and asked me to, bridesmaid dresses were provided for us. These days, I’m not sure what the set-up is but if you’re ever given the liberty to choose what …

Here's the method I used to declutter my beauty stash in no time.
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How I Decluttered And Organized My Beauty Stash

I’ve finally tackled the beast. I put off beauty product decluttering and organizing for as long as I could. (Like any good procrastinator, am I right?) I was already overwhelmed with the idea of how much stuff I have so it took me quite a bit to actually get to it. Turns out, it wasn’t …

Here's how long you should be washing your face
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Should You Follow the 60-Second Rule for Face Washing?

There are really no hard rules in skincare, except, of course, avoiding using something straight-up toxic. That’s why there’s a popular expression in the Asian beauty community that goes “YMMV” or “your mileage may vary”. There’s a way of washing your face that I wish were implemented as a rule, though, because it just makes …

Jo Baker is a talented makeup artist you need to follow on social media.
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Jo Baker Is the Makeup Artist You Need to Follow

These days, when you’re in need of inspiration — for makeup looks and many more — it’s so easy to just whip up your phone, go to Instagram and search for your favorite “influencers.” But if you’re looking for creative looks inspired by things you didn’t think could spark beauty enthusiasm, Jo Baker is the …