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3 Beauty-Related Things I’m No Longer Doing

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Part of it is mindfulness but another part is I-just-can’t-be-bothered-anymore. After paring down my skincare arsenal to just the essentials, I’ve also started doing other beauty-related things less. Sometimes, you don’t really have to be extra to get the results you need. Here’s what I’ve been doing… er not doing.

Gargling after brushing

Bye, bubbles. But not with water.

I’ve heard of it before but never thought to do it till I saw a tweet by a Filipino doctor a month or so ago. Apparently, you wash away the flouride in the toothpaste when you gargle after brushing. So you really just have to spit out the bubbles and, well, not rinse with water. This is said to make your teeth stronger. I’ve been doing it since I saw the tweet and have not had teeth problems, so I guess it works.

Washing my hair every day

See you sometimes, shampoo.

I’ve already done it before but stopped when the sweltering summer heat became unbearable. I’m back at it again, though. Skipping shampoo days keep your hair naturally conditioned because your natural oils don’t get stripped off. I don’t follow a schedule, though, and it’s still mostly intuitive. So far, my hair isn’t as frizzy as it was during the summer. I do conditioner-only days, too, so that could’ve helped as well.

Cleanse my face in the morning

I've stopped using cleanser in the morning.

After watching Dr. Shereene Idris’s routine on Allure, I was convinced to try it out. Her skin is divine, and while that could be in large part due to genetics, I’d like to think that a fraction of it is due to her routine. So, of course, I had to give it a whirl. I still wash my face with water but I’ve forgone using cleanser. Nothing bad happened! I don’t think there’s an improvement that can be attested to it because I do use retinoid and acids here and there, but so far so good.

How about you? What beauty-related activities have you stopped doing? Would you try (or not try) these out?

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