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5-Minute Face

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I’ve already mentioned how enamored I am with make up and how I love that it’s ceremonious in a sense. But sometimes there are just times when you cannot afford to sit in front of a mirror for thirty hours or more. While that’s a rare occurrence for me since I work from home, there are days that I don’t feel like putting a lot of stuff on. This is what I do during those days. I call it my five-minute face because, well, as you may have already figured out, this routine takes 5 minutes to do.

After washing, toning and slathering on some moisturizer, I dab on Revlon Color Stay Pressed Powder (in Light Medium) on my face using an E.L.F powder brush. 

I then put some color on my cheeks using Revlon Powder Blush in Mauvelous.

For the eyes, I keep the process at a minimum. I curl my lashes with a Fanny Serrano curler. And then I apply two coats of Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum Express waterproof mascara. For my brow, I use the Nichido brow pencil — no setting powder or gel.

The last step is swiping some color to my lips. I enjoy using Essence lipsticks. Most days I grab the one in the shade Wear Berries. 
And that’s it. I reckon the kind of look I do with these steps would take even less than five minutes. What’s your five-minute face routine? Do share!

Jorj Cornejo

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