How to avoid getting an ingrown toenail
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Top Tips on How to Avoid Getting an Ingrown Toenail

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“A woman who has a toe problem.” That’s been my identifier for the past couple of months. I’ve been trying to sort out what started as a simple — definitely preventable — bout with an ingrown toenail. I’m almost done battling with it, thankfully (a minor surgery and doctor-administered cleaning later). Since I think about it a lot, I may as well share my experience and help you avoid being in the same predicament.

So a couple of weeks ago, I had a partial wedge resection for my ingrown toenail. (I won’t gross you out with the details, so you can just search for the procedure online if you’re keen.) The healing time for the wound and the nail growth is said to be around 6 to 8 weeks.

That said, I’m determined to never have this kind of problem ever again. I mean, I’ve written a lot of footcare tips for our small business’s blog so I never even imagined I’d be burdened by something like this. But, oh well, here we are. Here are things I’m going to follow so I never have problems with an ingrown toenail anymore and hopefully you get something out of this and never encounter this problem either.

Here's how you can avoid getting an ingrown toenail

The keyword is square

When clipping your nails, make sure that you don’t go for a rounded edge or a v-shape. Just cut straight across. The nails grow straight; don’t disrupt the way it naturally grows. Putting spaces on the sides of your nails make them prone to growing irregularly (a.k.a. an avenue for ingrown toenail to thrive). Make sure that you also don’t cut them too short.

Shoe matters

I have wide feet, so it’s hard to find shoes that actually, really fit. That’s the reason why my sister and I put up our small business. It’s important to wear shoes that won’t squeeze your toes. And while it may not seem like it, constant pressure on your toes can actually contribute to having an ingrown toenail.

tips for avoiding ingrown toenails

Watch your toes

You don’t need to always look down while walking, of course, but do take care not to bump or stub your toes on hard surfaces. The trauma can lead to your toes getting swollen and being more prone to ingrown nails.

So basically, the best way to avoid getting an ingrown toenail is to pay attention to your feet. Some of us are extra careful about this while others are not. If you belong to the latter, it’s time to up your game. Trust me, the simplest deeds can make a huge difference. Got tips of your own? Do share them below!

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