The facade of Barista Loft in Tagaytay
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Barista Loft: A Cool Coffice Spot in Tagaytay

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Working remotely gives you the freedom to work practically anywhere. But the Philippines isn’t really an ideal spot for remote workers due to several factors, including slow-as-a-tortoise internet speed, coffee prices at coffee shops and more. We lucked out in finding Barista Loft in Tagaytay, though.

Where to find Barista Loft

This quaint cafe can be found along J.P. Rizal Avenue or the more familiar Mahogany Road. It’s where Bean Leaf, which was what we first discovered, used to be. If you’re not familiar with where it is, try asking locals where Mater Dei Academy is and you’ll find it easily because it’s right across the school.

The facade of Barista Loft's terrace slash outside area

The vibe

Barista Loft has an ease to it. I wouldn’t say they have a particular theme when it comes to the interior design, and I’m guessing they were just gunning for what a coffee shop usually exudes when they started. But they have a pretty cool mural in the terrace. The place is cozy and has ample seating. There are also a few sockets for charging your laptop. They also had decent internet. I say “had” because the last time we went there, their WiFi was down and they didn’t know when it will get reconnected.

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Inside Barista Loft

You’ll enjoy spending your time working there because it’s quiet… but only until 3 p.m. As mentioned, it’s right across a school. So once students finish their classes, some of them head straight to the cafe. They’re not too loud, but if you’re not the type to work in a noisy setting, best to bring a pair of headphones.

They also have a bathroom that’s kept quite clean, which is great for when you need to stay there for a while.

The food and drinks

One of Barista Loft's many fruit teas

Is it odd that this post is about a cafe but I’m starting to talk about their food and drink selections just now? Don’t be misled, though, their offerings are good. The coffee is good. But since we’re bigger fans of tea when we eat out, we go for their fruit teas instead.

A couple of selections from Barista Loft's food offerings

We’ve stayed there a few times for more than four hours and have had lunch there. Their pasta is really good; my husband’s favorite is the one with meatballs while I like their tuna aglio olio. They also have sandwiches and rice meals. But the game-changer is their nachos. See, my husband is not a nachos person. He’s only ever liked the one from Silantro. Well, now he likes that and the one from Barista Loft.

The service is also topnotch.

We haven’t visited in a month or so, but we’ll definitely come back some time soon.

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