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BB Cream: What It Is & 5 Ways To Use It

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The BB cream has become a staple in the makeup kits of many women, especially in the Philippines and this side of the world in general, for years now. I used to avoid them because the early iterations cast a grayish tinge on the skin, but I’ve discovered a couple that do a great job at evening out the skin tone and does not make my complexion look pallid. But what are they really, do you need them and how do you use them?

What is a BB cream?

I was surprised when I learned that while the BB cream has been popularized by Koreans (and Asians, in general), it actually came from Germany. It was first developed by Christine Schrammek, a German dermatologist, in the 1950s. She had her patients use the product, then called blemish balm cream, after peels and facials so they won’t leave her clinic with visible redness.

Fast forward to three decades later when the Koreans were introduced to this “miracle” balm that became a staple for celebrities.

What makes it special

The BB cream is often called “makeup with skincare benefits.” Aside from being able to camouflage blemishes, it contains anti-aging and skin soothing properties, and also offers sun protection. The catch? It only used to come in one shade. But since there have been many innovations in the past couple of decades, we’ve seen an influx of improvements in terms of shade, coverage and longevity of the product.

What is a BB cream and how do you use it?

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5 ways to use a BB cream

Just like any other face base, the application is as easy as you would expect and will depend a lot on your preference. But aside from its main use, I’ve found other ways to apply it.

As it is

Depending on the consistency of the product, you may use a brush or your fingers to apply it. If you’re the type to bounce a sponge on your face, that’s okay too. I find that the best way for me, though, is using my fingers. I apply it evenly on my face and top it off with powder just to make sure that it will last a good amount of time.

As a face makeup primer

If you one that has light coverage, you can use it as a primer for your makeup. Your foundation will sit well on top of it and last longer. Plus, the blemish-camouflaging powers of the BB cream will help your skin looking flawless with minimal amount of foundation.

Here are five ways to use BB cream.

As an eyeshadow primer for cut crease

If eyeshadow primer’s not your thing, you can use your BB cream instead if you want to do a fun cut crease look. Just use it the same way you would a primer. Whether you’re more comfortable with using your fingers or a brush, just pat it on and blend.

To make cream blush

This one’s for the more adventurous when it comes to makeup. If you see yourself as a mixologist but of the cosmetics kind, try combining a bit of your BB cream with some powder blush. Et voila! You now have a cream blush.

As a base for CC cream

Yes, you can actually make a CC cream with your BB cream. Just mix it with moisturizer, sunscreen or liquid illuminator to get a color and consistency that’s similar to what CC or color correcting creams have.

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The BB cream has been a staple in many women's makeup kits for years now. But what is it really and how do you use it? Find out here.

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