Here's the method I used to declutter my beauty stash in no time.
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How I Decluttered And Organized My Beauty Stash

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I’ve finally tackled the beast.

I put off beauty product decluttering and organizing for as long as I could. (Like any good procrastinator, am I right?) I was already overwhelmed with the idea of how much stuff I have so it took me quite a bit to actually get to it. Turns out, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I decluttered my beauty stash after months.

Marie Kondo would be proud*

Decluttering my part of our closet is quite easy for me. I find that certain types of clothing or pieces are easy to remove from my current rotation (especially when they no longer fit). But with makeup and skincare, it’s harder. In my mind, I always have a plan to use this particular lip color for a certain look or finally try this moisturizer after months of it lying on our shelf.

I’m fortunate to receive products to try for PR purposes because of my day job, but I have to admit that it’s heightened my anxiety a bit. So if I’m not reviewing something, I just leave them untouched for months. And, sadly, I have bid goodbye to expired products without even making a tiny dent. But I guess the prospect of a new beginning inspired me to finally address the mess.

The method I used for decluttering

*As mentioned above, Marie Kondo woud be proud. That is if she knew me in real life, of course, and she cared enough about the way my pile of products has been affecting not just our physical space but also my mental space. But I digress. Speaking of Marie, though, I did use her famous KonMari method.

I used the famous KonMari method for decluttering and organizing my beauty stash.

I gathered all of my makeup and skincare in one place. Picked them up one by one to see if they sparked joy (or are expired) and kept and discarded accordingly. I then placed them in different boxes according to categories: base, eyes and lips, and unopened miscellaneous.

After organizing

Of course, they won’t be stored in boxes forever. So I’m on the lookout for drawers or other ways to store them for when we move. Drawers or organizers that are great in functionality (and look really, really nice) are what I’m on the hunt for.

I’m also going to make it a habit to take note of the things I’ve been using in terms of when I’ve opened them and when I should throw them away. Finishing the ones I opened first is a priority. I used to do it regularly in the past but have fallen way off the track. I’m gonna give it another try, and hopefully this time it sticks.

How about you? How do you keep track of and organize your stash and how often do you declutter?

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