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An Activated Charcoal Adventure With Carbon Coco

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I’m not the type to solely choose natural products over everything else, but I do try some of them once in a while. (There are some products from a local natural skincare and cosmetics brand that I really like.) So when I was sent the Carbon Coco Ultimate Carbon Kit, I was open to it probably whitening my teeth.

What is activated charcoal and what does it do?

It’s said to be great for “absorbing chemicals and toxins from the body.” Unlike the charcoal we all know and use for grilling, this one has been “activated” to increase its absorptive properties. It’s used for treating poisoning, lowering cholesterol levels, curing hangovers and more. In beauty, it’s used in masks and toothpastes. (In food, apparently it’s also used in coffee drinks.)

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Trying out Carbon Coco

Carbon Coco is an Australian brand that specializes in natural and organic products that are meant to help you have better oral health. Aside from their activated charcoal products, they also have an oil pulling kit. I got the The kit I got contains a tube of activated charcoal toothpaste, a jar of activated charcoal tooth polish and a toothbrush with bamboo bristles.

According to brand’s website, the charcoal is made from organic coconut shell. Aside from the activated charcoal, their tooth polish is also said to contain bentonite clay, which helps “remineralize teeth”[note]I had no idea what this meant until I googled it and it’s said to be the way teeth heal themselves to prevent tooth decay.[/note] and a hint of lemon myrtle, which has anti-bacterial properties. These are great information, of course, but they’re sadly not indicated in the products’ packaging. A complete list of ingredients is also missing, which would’ve been helpful in better understanding how the product would work. But anyway, on to the experience.

How to use it and how my experience went

You need to use the tooth polish first in order to “draw out toxins from the mouth.” After that, you’ll brush with the toothpaste, which has a spearmint flavor, to help protect your teeth from stains. I like rituals and routines when it comes to beauty, so I enjoyed having multiple steps when it came to cleaning my teeth. The fact that it can be a bit messy to use the polish was not something I appreciated, although I can’t think of a way it can be improved. (The powder does have a tendency to go everywhere, and you have to rinse the brush and your sink properly so the charcoal won’t leave a stain.)

I tried the kit for a few weeks (four, to be exact) but did not see a drastic change in my teeth’s color. Perhaps it’s because I drink coffee quite a bit (the number is not exorbitant, though, just the regular two or three cups a day. That’s normal, right?). Of course, my experience might be a hundred percent different from how the kit have worked for or may work for others.

If you’re keen to know if activated charcoal will whiten your teeth, definitely still give it a try. I’m going to be using up my current stash to see if I need to finish the entire thing before I get pearly whites.

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