Chaotic Lashes / Clumpy Mascara: Trend Spotting

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(Photo: Maybelline Volum Express Colossal Chaotic Lash mascara campaign)

I usually veer away from trends. I am not the type to jump on bandwagons and follow the flock but I’ve noticed a hype about “chaotic” lashes — also known as clumpy, spidery lashes — lately and my interest got piqued.
For years it has been considered a beauty faux pas. Many have even come forward to recommend solution(s) for when one commits the so-called make up sin, so it comes as a surprise that the look is being lauded and brought forward as something that should be achieved.
I am a firm believer of doing whatever you fancy. So I’ve no intention to suggest you lay low on the double/triple coating. I’m just really curious about people’s reactions toward the trend because, to be honest, when it’s not overdone (as featured in the photo below) I think it’s nice.

What do you think about the clumpy lashes/chaotic lashes/spidery lashes trend? Would you try it?

Jorj Cornejo

Jorj is a young mom and wife who has an utter fascination with words. She thinks addressing herself in the third person is quite silly but does it anyway. She's an editor by day who spends her free time trying to read the whole Internet.

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