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Where To Get Pretty Stock Photos For Free

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We all know that blogging isn’t just writing; it’s a few different things rolled into one gigantic ball of content that gets picked apart by a reader. Aside from making sure that the information you provide is not only correct but also helpful, you need to have photos to complement — or even augment — the story you’re telling. (Plus, it helps to give readers a visual break because, as we all know, attention spans these days are shorter than my eyelashes.)

So it goes without saying that it’s important to have nice photos. Learn photography and level up your flat lay taking skills! Or if you’re just super pressed for time or don’t have the patience to learn a new skill, going the stock photo route is your best bet. “But aren’t stock photos awful?” you might ask. Well, they used to be. Now, you’ll find really pretty stock photos — and get this, some of them are free for you to use for whatever purpose you need them! Don’t know where to find these gems? I’ve listed some of my favorite sites below.


unsplash free stock photos

I learned about unsplash.com a couple of years ago, although I’m not sure now how. Back then it was the only site I knew of that offered styled and, well, nice-looking photos. All the images are absolutely free and there’s no need to credit (although it’s always appreciated). Go to unsplash if you’re looking for landscape or scenic photos. There are a few fashion-related ones that are really good as well.


pexels free stock photo

Pexels.com also has a bunch of landscape photos that are nice. I noticed that the photos there are a bit moodier than the ones in Unsplash, which is great if that’s the kind of aesthetic you’re going for.


burst free stock photos

Burst is great for people who run businesses or actually for anyone who just like styled photos of lifestyle moments and pieces. It’s run by Shopify, so you know the photos are eye-catching if you’re gonna use it for your business, e-commerce store or even your blog.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is where you go when you want more “cinematic” photos. The images are truly like works of arts.

Styled Stock

If you want stylized photos for your women-centric blog or website, Styled Stock is where you should go. The photos are clean and refreshing. There’s a good variety in the themes as well. There are photos for beauty, lifestyle and food.

Got favorite sites for stock photos? Share them below!

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