Great Mornings Cafe is a cafe at Ayala Malls Serin in Tagaytay.
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Great Mornings Cafe: Delightful No Matter the Time of Day

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My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. While other meals are just as great, there’s just nothing as comforting as good ol’ tapsilog and a cup of good coffee. So places that serve breakfast all day is always good in my book. Great Mornings Cafe in Tagaytay is definitely one of those places.

You can say the cafe is a homegrown Caviteno cafe. Before situating itself on the second floor of Ayala Malls Serin, it used to be in Silang. And if you’ve ever been to Silang, you’d know that they take coffee seriously there — yes, just as much as Lipa and lovers of kapeng barako do.

What to get at Great Mornings Cafe

The brewed coffee at Great Mornings Cafe is served in a large sunny mug.

Considering where it came from, it’s only fitting that the cafe serves coffee from Silang. And they don’t just serve it, they make sure you enjoy it in abundance for just 85 pesos. So make sure you order a cuppa (that’s really almost as tall as a vase). They have kapeng barako, too, which is always a winner. At a certain period of time in the afternoon, they offer unlimited brewed coffee for a certain amount but I forget how much.

Adobo silog and daing silog

And the breakfast food, of course. My husband tried their adobo silog* while I picked the daing silog. Sometimes I feel like it’s impossible to mess up Pinoy breakfast meals but then I’d have a recollection of a particular one that I swear I’d never try again. Great Mornings Cafe gets it right, though. The meals are hearty and comforting.

Pancakes at Great Mornings Cafe

Meanwhile, our daughter, a fan of sweets like any other kid, had the cafe’s take on pancakes. I think it’s something they can improve, but my daughter liked it nonetheless.

During another visit, we tried their Fil-Mex offerings and enjoyed the quesadilla and soft taco. They were surprisingly spicy. We’re so used to Filipino restaurants and cafes trying Mexican-inspired dishes only for them to taste annoyingly sweet.

Musical elements in the cafe

The vibe

Aside from the satisfying food, we also appreciate the ambience in the place. It’s rustic with lovely musical elements peppered here and there. It’s also worth noting that they have free decent Wi-Fi and open sockets — perfect for remote workers like us. Customer service is also A-plus.

If you’re looking for a cosy space to indulge in comfort food, head to Great Mornings Cafe.

*Silog is a portmanteau of the words sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg).

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