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How to Chill When You Can’t Chill

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I filed for my week-long leave a month or so ago with nothing planned for it other than taking things slow. I figured I could take the time off to just spend it with my family and think a lot about my plans, but most of all, to just rest. It seemed like I was off to a good start. I binge-watched Chilling Adventures of Sabrina over the weekend and even tried to go ukay shopping in between. Monday was the end of it. We all know how Mondays are hard, and sometimes, even though we try to make them easier there’s something about them that just makes us panic. Well, I can definitely say that it was like that for me.

So how do you chill when you can’t chill?

It’s all in the mind

More often that not, the reason you can’t chill is… well, you. (Or in my case, it’s me.) Sometimes, we see things darker in our heads than they actually are in real life. Fears are amplified when they’re incubated in the mind. So learn to not be eaten up by your thoughts, especially when those thoughts are sad and bad. Here‘s how to tell if your mind is “catastrophizing.” Yup, it’s a thing!


One way to get out of your head is to open up to someone. It can be your spouse, a family member or a friend — it doesn’t matter. Leaving your thoughts and sharing them or listening to and accepting another person’s is a good way to relieve yourself from (self-induced) tension. Plus, it’s always nice to catch up and see things from a different perspective.

Do what you love

It’s exactly why you wanted to take a break! So do what you most enjoy, whether that’s sleeping or singing. Plus, you know what they say about time passing when doing something you thoroughly enjoy. Before you know it, your break’s over and you’ll be hankering for more time to do the things you love the most. So take advantage of it and just enjoy.

Don’t check your work emails

This one’s quite hard, especially for someone who’s not accustomed to not being busy. But trust me when I say that your colleagues can manage. Yes, your help will be appreciated. But you took time off for yourself and not to passively check on work and do tasks every so often. If you can, do a digital detox.

Just breathe

It can be difficult to slow down when the world asks you to just always be on and doing something. But just breathe. I think we often forget to actually listen to ourselves breathing and be thankful that we actually get to do it still because of our many obligations. So just take time off and breathe. Take a walk and ingest the goodness of your surroundings.

What are your secrets to being (and staying) chill?



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