Top tips to help make your clothes last longer
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Try These To Make Clothes Last Longer

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Freshly laundered clothes are one of the best smelling things in the world. (Second to babies? Maybe.) So it’s only natural for some of us to be obsessed about washing our clothes. While we can always enjoy the smell after every wash, our clothes can get worn out (pun intended) because of this. So what can you do to make clothes last longer even if you love doing the laundry a lot? Here are some fun tips.

Follow wash instructions

They’re there for a reason, and that reason, of course, is so that you can take care of the garment and be able to enjoy using it as long as you’d like. So make sure you read the label on your clothes. If it’s advised to handwash your clothes, do so (even though it can be quite time-consuming).  It’s better that than saying goodbye to your clothes early.

Sort your laundry

You’ve probably already heard about it before, but there may just be days when you can’t be bothered. Make sure that you have separate hampers for dark-colored and light-colored clothes so they’re easier to load in the washer. It’s also best to sort them still according to their material. You wouldn’t want your lace top getting ruined by your jeans, right?

Treat stains right away

Don’t let stains stay too long on your clothes. When they dry out, the stains take longer to remove. When they’re hard to remove, you’d probably result in using harsher products, which are not great for keeping your clothes in their best condition.

Zip and button

Make sure your jeans or shorts and other clothes that have zippers or buttons are zipped and buttoned before you put them in the load. This way, they won’t get tangled or snag other clothes.

Just the right amount

Freshly laundered clothes are the best. But sometimes, because we get so excited about having the smell of clean, fresh clothes, we get carried away with using too much detergent or fabric conditioner. Make sure you don’t go overboard. As with anything else in life, too much of something — in this case, washing products — can do more harm than good.

Baby, don’t bleach.

Bleaching is great for making sure your white clothes remain as white as they were when you bought them. But sometimes, bleaching isn’t really necessary. If you cannot avoid using bleach, just make sure you dilute it with water so it isn’t as potent.

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