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Blog Mindfully: Amplify Your Voice. Find Your Tribe

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After working on your blog post, you surely don’t want it to be buried into the forgotten depths of the Internet, right? You’ve already made your voice heard when you hit publish on your blog. Now, amplify it.

But how do you do it and mindfully at that? The trick is to choose one or two avenues to focus on and stick to them. There’s no use working on something that doesn’t translate to engagement! 

Pick your platform.

Facebook is great for engagement. So far, amongst all the social media networks I’ve used, it’s the one where you get more reach, likes, shares and comments. 

BUT my shop gets more engagement *and* sales on Instagram. Although it can be quite tricky to retain followers there.

So it’s still a case-to-case basis. If you think your blog’s content would do better on Instagram, like if you can post photos that are engaging enough on the platform, go ahead and focus on that!

The hidden gem that surprised me, though, is Pinterest. Granted, it’s not really a social media network so technically it shouldn’t count. But Pinterest is the second largest bringer of hits to my site (the first is organic search). I don’t get much engagement from it, but it does send people to the site. And each visitor is a potential loyal reader!

Find the perfect platform for you to share your stories and stick to it.


One way to take a bit of your mind off from social media (and its many tempting, luring potholes) is by automating your social media amplification. There are several apps and online softwares to help you do it. I personally use Hootsuite for Mad Cherry. You can schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram there. 

TIP: Although you should automate your social postings to save time and effort, you still need to review your posts to know which ones work. Plus, make it a priority to talk to people who have left comments on your posts. Reciprocate the time they spent on your space.

Be patient.

It’s gonna take time before you find your tribe. Don’t quit sharing your stories just because you haven’t reached them yet! And don’t feel bad if you get unfollowed after you posted something new. Take it as a good thing because it really is. It just informs that they’re not a member of your tribe. And that’s OKAY! I truly believe that no matter your niche, you will find your audience. I mean, just look at the YouTube channel dedicated to ants. Yes, ants! It has more than a million subscribers. 

So, trust me. You’ll find your tribe. It may not be as soon as you’d like, but it will happen.

Now, go ahead and do these:

  1. Audit your social media sites. Which one(s) do really reach your target audience? 
  2. Plan your social posts for the stories you published this week.
  3. Schedule the posts using a social media management software or tool.
  4. Check back the next day and answer comments or engage with your audience.

Jorj Cornejo

Jorj writes and helps shape stories that stick in people's minds, tug at their heartstrings and move them to action. She spends her free time trying to read the whole Internet.

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