Here are a few do's and dont's when it comes to sustaining your blog.
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Blog Mindfully: Keep At It

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Welcome to the final installment of the Blog Mindfully series!

I’m so glad you came to this point and I genuinely hope you were able to pick up some lessons from previous installments that you can apply to your own blog. 

Now, we’ve already covered why and how you can start a blog purposefully. I hope you’re excited! But I’m putting more hope on the idea that you will be able to sustain that excitement after some time. 

Blogging, as you already know, entails a lot of work. And although we’ve established points and systems you can use and follow to ensure you don’t get burned out, you’re just human. So how do you keep the spark alive?

Take a breather once in a while.

Step away from your blog. Staring at your screen and waiting for inspiration or drive to come is not a good plan. Don’t rush it. Move away from your blog. Inspiration comes when you don’t force it.

Take a break and then do more.

Try something new.

So you’re already used to writing your posts. You’ve already developed a system for your personal blogging goals. You have a schedule of when to write, when to post and when to amplify. But you’re bored out of your mind because of the routine. Try something new! Get your camera and start filming instead. Explore video editing. Try photo-blogging. Shake things up!

Talk to your tribe.

One of the many advantages of finding your people is having a support system. Of course, you don’t and shouldn’t rely on them for advice or support all the time. But it does help to have people who understand your struggles and can help you (and whom you can also help). Don’t be shy to reach out!

Now, you’re ready to go ahead and blog your heart out! 

Jorj Cornejo

Jorj writes and helps shape stories that stick in people's minds, tug at their heartstrings and move them to action. She spends her free time trying to read the whole Internet.

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