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What Ink Master Taught Me About Life & Goals

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I’ve been watching a lot of Ink Master videos on YouTube for a few weeks now, and I’m surprisingly not sick of them yet. There are surprisingly so many fascinating things to pick up, not just about tattoos (well, more importantly about tattoos) but also about art, skills, following dreams and life, in general. I mean, I hope I’m not looking into things too closely or finding gems where there aren’t any but I guess that’s just how my mind works.

Here’s what I learned from Ink Master

  • Before you get a tattoo, you need to research, research and do some more research. Find out who the best tattoo artist is for the style you want to get and start from there.
  • You can be good at a job you’ve been doing for 20 years. But you could also meet someone who’s only doing it for 5 who’s better than you. And that’s okay. There’s a contestant on the show who’s been tattooing for decades but doesn’t have an air of superiority to him. He gets coached by someone who is a decade or more younger than him and he doesn’t mind. The humility was refreshing. He said he was there to prove that he’s good but he’s also open to learning as much as he could so he can come out on top.
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  • You can be new to something and be really good at it. Make sure you’re focused and determined to be great at your craft. In one season of the show, a woman who’s only been tattooing for 4 or 5 years was hailed Ink Master.
  • Tattooing is art. Some of the contestants on the show actually have fine arts backgrounds. Most of them have been drawing since they were young. They judge the tattoos based on fundamentals of art. It’s even more challenging to execute because they have live (sometimes obnoxious) canvasses.
  • If you want to achieve something, stick to your goals and just focus. The contestants are given many challenges, some that also test their personal limits. If you have something you want to achieve, focus on working on it. It’s hard to not get pressured and give in to drama, but the only real way to get what you want is by working for it.

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