Jo Baker is a talented makeup artist you need to follow on social media.
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Jo Baker Is the Makeup Artist You Need to Follow

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These days, when you’re in need of inspiration — for makeup looks and many more — it’s so easy to just whip up your phone, go to Instagram and search for your favorite “influencers.” But if you’re looking for creative looks inspired by things you didn’t think could spark beauty enthusiasm, Jo Baker is the person you need to follow.

She’s a British makeup artist who works with the likes of Lucy Boynton, Paris Jackson, Natalie Portman and Dove Cameron. The looks Jo does are breathtaking, and it’s truly fascinating how she gets inspiration from seemingly mundane things. Wouldn’t it be nice to also see things the way she does? Like, look at a building and tell yourself, “Oh, those colors would look great on the eyes.” Here are just some looks to prove why you need to follow Jo.

A different cat-eye

Jo Baker's take on the cat-eye.

This graphic take on the cat-eye is equal parts chic and playful. The negative space just the wings more emphasis.

Upscale Halloween

An upgraded look inspired by Halloween

Fog and pumpkin are staples during Halloween. But who would have thought that they can also be great elements to inspire a makeup look. The contrast between the coolness of the fog and the warmth of the pumpkin make a great combination for a stunning, elegant look.

Little Birdy

Winged liner inspired by little birds' wings

Eyeliner wings inspired by actual birds? Yes, please. This fun take on the graphic liner makes me want to whip out one and start practicing. I also love how the eye look was paired with a semi-natural lip that doesn’t get drowned out by the boldness of the wings.

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Smokey pupper

Grease and puppy tongues make a great combination, it turns out.

I mean, who finds inspiration for a beauty look from grease? Well, apparently Jo Baker does. She didn’t stop at that either. She got inspired by a puppy’s tongue, too. The combination of the two makes a surprisingly refreshing look.


Jo Baker shows a different way to apply eyeshadow

Here’s one way to stand out! This got me convinced that you don’t need to fill your eyes with color to get an impactful look. From afar, it looks simply glittery, up close, you’ll see and appreciate the thought that went into the creation of the look. Now, imagine this in a magenta color.B

How about you? Who do you get makeup inspiration from?

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Jo Baker is the makeup artist you need to follow for inspiration.

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