Here are easy ways to make a small space look bigger.
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5 Ways to Make Your Space Look Bigger

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We just moved to a new place. We’re not done putting things in their proper places and fixing the space yet, but I think we’re settling in nicely. The house is the same size as the one we moved out of but for some reason it feels more airy and bigger. I think I found the reasons why. So ahead, I’m sharing five things I noticed in our new space, plus some I’ve picked up from other people, that can help you make yours look bigger, too.

Use light colors

The house we previously rented had adequate floor size and felt homey. But it also felt dark and small in some cases. I realized it’s because the floor was in a dark grey (almost black) color. It made it feel smaller than it really is.

Light colors make a space look bigger than it actually is.
My husband in the new place we moved to. We have not finished moving everything when this was taken.

That is not to say that you have to go for white when choosing a floor or wall color. It certainly helps in making a room feel light and large, though. Our current rental has marble-like tiles and white walls. They certainly help make the light bounce off and make the space look big. Here are tips for choosing interior paint colors by experts.

Clear out clutter

There’s something about a neat place that makes it look easy on the eyes. (And it also tricks you into thinking the space is big.) We repositioned our furniture, threw away things we no longer needed, et voila! We have a space that’s not only nice to look at but also functions well. We’ve created dedicated spaces for things that are unsightly (like chargers and cables). And we (try to) clear out clutter as fast as we can.

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Another thing I noticed that makes things look more streamlined is using the same color or pattern for things. So I’ve covered our boxes with the same vinyl I used to cover my late mother-in-law’s drawer. Now, it doesn’t look like we have a lot of things even though we really do.

Make a space look bigger by clearing it out of clutter.

Take the eyes up

We often look at spaces at eye level, but there’s so much more of the space to use upward! Hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains is one way to trick they eye that the area is large. Putting shelves up is also a nice way to take the eyes up. Plus, it lends the idea that there’s more space to utilize.

Add mirrors

I’m still not sure how exactly mirrors give off the illusion that a space is big but it works. The key is to not put one that’s tiny enough for only your face to look at. Pick one that can reflect a bigger chunk of your place.

Adding a mirror and using ample-sized furniture can make a big difference in making your small space look larger.

Don’t be scared of big furniture

Coming from that note, another tip that works well is using regular-sized furniture. I’m sure you’re scared to do so especially if you’re living somewhere with quite small space. But using smaller furniture can actually make your space look smaller. Of course, proportion is still important. But the point is: don’t be scared of putting “big” furniture in your space. And then, look for a way to work around it.

What are your tips for making a small space look bigger?

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