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Monochrome Mood: Mean Tangerine

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About three or four years ago, I started this blog to share my adventures in beauty (would you believe I had the time and energy to make five looks about one product and record the process and outcomes?). This blog has evolved into something different now, and I’ve tried it to make it as informative but impersonal as possible.

Sometimes I wonder how different my life would’ve been had I pursued beauty content creation. But I’m not wistful about it, just genuinely curious. In a way, I’m still able to do it and I get paid on a regular basis. I love my job, and I love that this blog played a part in leading me to it. But I have to admit that there’s something just so satisfying about doing it for the joy of it… for yourself.

So this is me trying to go back to that. I’m trying to play with makeup more, but last month was particularly exhausting ‘cos I got sick. I only got to take out my brushes and play with colour last weekend. The urge to use tangerine was just too strong, so I did. I even whipped out my camera and recorded myself getting ready. But silly me didn’t notice the camera turning off in the part where I was putting eyeshadow (my old camera had a flip screen, the one I have now doesn’t). I might try again; we’ll see.

But let me tell you more about this look.

I created a monochrome look with tangerine. For the eyes, I used the mark by Avon Eye Impressionist 8-In-1 Wet & Dry Eyeshadow palette. Aside from the orange shade, which I put all over the lids, I also put a bit of the gold on the lower fold for a bit of depth. I thought of using eyeliner, too, but couldn’t find one at the time. For the lashes, I’m back to using the trusty Maybelline Hypercurl.

The base is the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF40 (which I’m not too fond of but don’t have anyone to give to, so I’m just trying to use it up). I set it with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Finishing Powder. For the cheeks, I used the Luminous Glow blush in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit – Volume 4. To finish the look, I swiped on the mark by Avon Lip Lacquer Matte in Orange You Happy.

I want to use yellow in my next look, but definitely not going to do a monochrome one. Let me know what types of looks you’re into lately!

Jorj Cornejo

Jorj writes and helps shape stories that stick in people's minds, tug at their heartstrings and move them to action. She spends her free time trying to read the whole Internet.

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