I may have found my newest natural makeup look peg in the new Darna, Jane de Leon.
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Natural Makeup Peg: The New Darna, Jane de Leon

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Lately I’ve been really liking natural makeup looks. It could be because we’re starting to get through the thick of the rainy season (everybody’s just lazy to do things!). Or it could also be because my skin is doing quite well these days. I find myself not wearing foundation and just using concealer wherever I need it.

While it’s not directly related, the news of the new Darna came right on time for my wanting to delve more into natural makeup looks. Jane de Leon, who has just been announced to play the iconic Filipino superhero, has a lot of looks on Instagram that I (and you) can totally get inspiration from.

Drunk blush

Jane de Leon wearing the drunk blush trend.

I’ve always been fond of the drunk blush look, although I’ve never really tried it. Jane’s look in the photo above just might be the go signal I’ve been waiting for. While the sun isn’t shining much these days and I can’t pass this off as natural, I’d still give it a shot. I mean, it is called drunk blush and not sun-kissed blush, and rainy days and liquor kinda mix.

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Gradient lips

Gradient lips are another makeup trend I’ve found really nice on others but never thought to do on myself. My lips have naturally darker outlines so I’ve dismissed gradient lips as a disaster waiting to happen. But Jane de Leon makes me want to finally give it a go.

Extra Glow

Jane de Leon wearing the glass skin trend.

Who says you can’t be naturally glowing? Well, this kind of intense highlight Jane de Leon is sporting isn’t natural but everything else about the look is. I’ve always loved the extra-highlighted look but have decided to not wear it lately. I’m taking this as a prompt to whip out my highlighters again and blind everyone I can with my glow.

All photos from Jane de Leon’s Instagram account.

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