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How I Do My Makeup (When I Actually Feel Like Doing It)

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Ah, my love affair with makeup. How do I begin?

Just a couple of days ago I was talking to my husband about how I was more into discovering and learning about makeup three years ago. These days, it takes effort to make me pick up a brush and just play with products. I’ve even met with my co-workers without a stitch of foundation on. For a beauty editor, it’s an awfully bad thing to say. I still test products out, of course, and read about them a lot. But the struggle is strong again, my friends. (A first world problem? Perhaps.)

The joy of playing with colours and looks has escaped me. But I’m trying to get it back little by little. I’ve had a bit — the operative word being bit — of progress. On days I don’t feel like it’s a burden and I actually get an urge to try, I settle with something minimal. I switch products here and there but this is my version of a no makeup makeup look or boy beat [note]I still don’t know why it’s called boy beat. The boys I’ve seen wearing makeup either wear a lot or look like they’re wearing nothing at all; there is no in-between like this one[/note]  look.

The base

I remember disliking the San San Cosmetics HD Foundation a couple of years back because it didn’t cover my skin’s imperfections as much as I had wanted. It was misplaced anger or disappointment. Looking back now, I’d say it’s a good foundation for such an inexpensive price. I’d also say that I won’t reach for it anymore because of how it covers my skin. It’s perhaps because I’m almost back to having non-problematic skin or it could be age, but I’ve no problem showing my skin’s imperfections anymore. So I use something that evens out my complexion but still makes my skin look like skin.

I apply the Mark by Avon Nude Matte Fluid Makeup with my fingers. Its consistency is thin, too thin actually. They weren’t bluffing when they said fluid. But that’s what makes it really nice. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face. You can’t expect it to deliver high coverage, but it does even out the skin tone.

There are days when I like putting on concealer, and when I do, I still use the MAC Studio Fix Perfecting Stick.

I then move on to my go-to blush, the Human Nature Perfect Flush Cream Tint in Hibiscus. But sometimes I also use the Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain if I want something that’s a bit more light. And then I pack on the glow with the BeYu Let It Glow Highlighter Stick. I dab the product on the high points of my cheeks all the way to the temples and brow bone. (Yes, just like Rihanna.) I also put a bit on my nose bridge and cupid’s bow. To warm my complexion a bit, I use the Max Factor Creme Bronzer.

Sometimes I powder everything with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, other times I just let things be.

The eyes

I’ve been trying to grow my eyebrows because I look a tad younger when they’re bolder. They’re not where I need them to be yet, so I use pencil products to fill some gaps and sparse areas. I’ve already used up my Max Factor Brow Shaper, which is a bummer because it’s quite good. It’s a bit waxy so it keeps the hairs in place but not overly so that the strands look stiff. Right now I’m using the Ever Bilena Matic Brow Liner, and it does a nice job at grooming the brows. I wish it came with its own spoolie, though.

I reserve eyeshadow for special occasions and events so I just put some concealer on my eyelids and set it with a powder. And then I curl my lashes and use mascara. My current one is the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara, which is great for an everyday look.

The lips

If my lipsticks had feelings and could talk, they’d probably already tell me how frustrated they are that I don’t use them. These days I’m more into tints, balms and glosses. I switch between the Body Shop tint and the Sisley Phyto Lip Delight.

What products do you use for a no makeup makeup look?


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