Here are questions to ask to help you narrow down your wedding guest list
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Wedding Guest List 101: Whom to Invite to Your Celebration

Weddings are emotional events, so it’s not unusual to shed a tear or two. So if you’re more than likely going to let tears flow that day, would you be comfortable doing so in front of someone you hardly know? Of course, there’s nothing wrong if that’s not something that concerns you. If it is, however, something …

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Before I Do: 5 Marriage Questions to Ask Your Spouse-To-Be

Getting married is easy. Once you’ve secured yourself a marriage license, which is a breeze to get, you can easily schedule a date in a courthouse. Bring a couple of witnesses on the date you’ve chosen, go through the ceremony and be legally married in no time. Going through the formal stuff is easy. The more …

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On Unpleasant Surprises and Not Getting Your Way

It’s that feeling when you try to contain emotions that have been swelling up inside you. “You’re on the verge of breaking down,” my mind tells me over and over. My heart’s beating so fast, I can hardly contain it with short breaths and deep sighs. Sometimes, life sucks. It throws you a curve ball. …

The Neogen Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser is a favorite among many K-Beauty enthusiasts.
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Neogen Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser Review / Rad or Bad?

A couple’s take on the Neogen Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser K-Beauty isn’t going anywhere. There are hundreds of brands and thousands of products to try — all of them promise to give you the coveted chok-chok skin. One product that has become a favorite and has gained quite a cult-like following is the Neogen Green Tea …

A photo of Kelsey Merritt, the first Filipino to walk the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
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5 Tips From Kelsey Merritt’s Vogue Beauty Secrets Video

Fil-Am model Kelsey Merritt shared how she usually does her makeup in Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series. I’m really a fan of the series because while there are tips that have been shared and regurgitated by so many people before, there are ones that are quite refreshing. I remember one from Candice Swanepoel where she uses …

Pursuing passions when you have a day job
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How to Pursue Passions When You Have a Full-Time Job

Thinking about it now, it’s safe to say that my hobbies are boring. My one great passions in life is writing (and storytelling in general), and although I get to do that for my day job, I still find nothing else more fulfilling outside my working hours. But I have dabbled in other things as …

The cover art for Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
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Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell / Marginalia

I wrote this a couple of years back, but I have yet to re-read the book and know whether I still feel the same way about it. Here are my first thoughts about this nonetheless. Books have always been what I rely on when I pine for something I can’t put my finger on. I …

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to get a marriage license in the Philippines.
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How to Get a Marriage License in the Philippines

If you’ve ever had to file a document, secure a license or register anything with the government, chances are you’re under the impression that applying for a marriage license in the Philippines will leave you feeling more exhausted than is necessary. And that’s understandable, what with the long queues and the dreaded red tape that …

The products included in the Dose of Colors x Mickey Mouse collection
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Dose of Colors x Mickey Mouse, Bretman Rock’s Colourpop & More / Beauty Buzz

This week’s been a busy and buzzy one for beauty. From new releases to think pieces, here are just a few of the things that had happened. Dose of Colors x Mickey Mouse @doseofcolors It’s Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, so it’s no surprise that there are collaborations with Disney for the character everywhere. The latest …

Simple steps to take for an eco-friendly life
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3 Changes I’ve Made to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life

Part of my efforts to become more mindful is thinking about how I can live a more eco-friendly life in my own little way. I know that even though we collectively try our best as individuals to make a change, the big businesses are still the ones doing great damage. But a little won’t hurt. …