Here's a comprehensive guide on how to get a marriage license in the Philippines.
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How to Get a Marriage License in the Philippines

If you’ve ever had to file a document, secure a license or register anything with the government, chances are you’re under the impression that applying for a marriage license in the Philippines will leave you feeling more exhausted than is necessary. And that’s understandable, what with the long queues and the dreaded red tape that …

The products included in the Dose of Colors x Mickey Mouse collection
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Dose of Colors x Mickey Mouse, Bretman Rock’s Colourpop & More / Beauty Buzz

This week’s been a busy and buzzy one for beauty. From new releases to think pieces, here are just a few of the things that had happened. Dose of Colors x Mickey Mouse @doseofcolors It’s Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, so it’s no surprise that there are collaborations with Disney for the character everywhere. The latest …

Simple steps to take for an eco-friendly life
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3 Changes I’ve Made to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life

Part of my efforts to become more mindful is thinking about how I can live a more eco-friendly life in my own little way. I know that even though we collectively try our best as individuals to make a change, the big businesses are still the ones doing great damage. But a little won’t hurt. …

Here's why an intimate wedding should be your first option.
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Why You Should Consider Having an Intimate Wedding

Fairy tales would have you believe that the best way to marry the love of your life is in a grand celebration. What’s not being said, however, is how an intimate wedding can be just as beautiful as one that is attended by 500 people. Here are good reasons why you should consider planning something …

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now streaming on Netlflix.
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is Dark in All the Right Places

As someone who loved Sabrina the Teenage Witch and is skeptical about remakes of movies and series, in general, I was excited albeit quite unsure of what to expect when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was announced. After finishing the first season (yes, I’ve already finished it), I can say it’s just what you’d want from a series or film …

The products included in Colourpop Cosmetics' collaboration with actress Karrueche Tran.
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Colourpop x Karrueche Brown Sugar, The Fenty Effect & More / Beauty Buzz

It’s the weekend! Woot! And since we’re celebrating a happy thing, here’s another happy thing to bring with you: the latest and hottest in the world of beauty. Or, you know, some stuff that may tickle your fancy. Colourpop x Karrueche The first collaboration between Colourpop Cosmetics and Karrueche Tran was nice, but it felt …

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My After-Work Routine + Changes I Want to Make

I type away furiously, sometimes not knowing exactly what I want to say.  Some days, after making and having dinner, we’d go to a milk tea place nearby. Other days, we’ll go for a three-kilometer walk around the neighborhood. Okay, none of these activities count as a routine because they differ depending on mood and …