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Pumpkin is the ‘It’ Beauty Ingredient of the Moment

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The beauty world has no shortage when it comes to new products. From those you can weirdly apply to buzzy ingredients, there are lots to go around for everyone. And the latest “it” ingredient everyone’s going gaga for? Pumpkin. It could be because fall is about to begin on the other side of the world — and they’re obsessed with a certain drink that has this fruit as an ingredient? Or it could also be because pumpkin has fruit enzymes and AHAs that are great for chemical exfoliation. Either way, it won’t hurt if you give it a try. Ahead, some products you can take for a spin.

Pumpkin-infused beauty products to check out

savor beauty enzyme peel


Savor Beauty Pumpkin Enzyme Peel



This has pumpkin puree that brightens, smoothens and softens the skin. It also has lactic acid that’s great for exfoliation. Plus, gluconic acid that’s said to be great for cell turnover. Use it after cleansing your face and follow with a toner.



peter thomas roth pumpkin mask



Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask


This one’s a triple threat. It’s a manual, chemical and enzymatic exfoliating mask that renews your skin and helps even out the skin tone. It also prevents fine lines and wrinkles.




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Summer Fridays Overtime Mask


Got dull or congested skin? Packed with vitamins A, K and C, this one’ll work overtime to give you clear, bright skin.








Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack


Pack can mean a lot of things in K-beauty, but for this one it means moisturizer. This overnight mask works while you’re in deep slumber to give you radiant complexion.





Wen Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner


This one’s not for the skin on your face but for your scalp. A cleanser that also conditions your hair? Yes, please.




Cover photo from Summer Fridays

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