Pursuing passions when you have a day job
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How to Pursue Passions When You Have a Full-Time Job

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Thinking about it now, it’s safe to say that my hobbies are boring. My one great passions in life is writing (and storytelling in general), and although I get to do that for my day job, I still find nothing else more fulfilling outside my working hours. But I have dabbled in other things as well, and they have been very helpful in helping me keep my sanity.

They say there’s nothing better in life than being able to get paid by doing what you love. I think there should be passions outside what you earn from. That way, when things get toxic, you won’t end up hating your passion. But that’s just me, though. If you want to dive head first on pursuing your passion as your bread and butter, go right ahead.

For those of you who have day jobs you’re good at but not exactly soul-satisfying, here’s how to pursue passions when you work full-time.

Pursue passions by making sure you make time for them

Make time for them

Pursuing them and making time for them are practically the same. But it’s often easier to say that you’ll pick up your guitar and practice a few songs or start a blog and actually write. If you want to do something, make sure that you actually allot time for it. Devote a couple of hours a day to what you like doing. Keep at it and make sure that you do it mindfully. It’s one thing to do things on autopilot and savoring every moment. If you’re going to do it haphazardly, would it even be enjoyable? So, give yourself an hour or two per day for your hobby or passion. Schedule it, and make sure you spend it as planned.

Don’t be scared to set goals

Yes, it’s supposed to be fun, but setting goals so you can improve on your craft is not such a bad idea. Aside from being able to get better, you can even maybe create a new source of income through it. Don’t be scared to start small either. See it as shaking things up and improving.


It's okay to pursue multiple passions

It’s okay to hobby-hop

Sometimes, you just don’t have the emotions and drive to do something anymore. And that’s totally fine! While it’s admirable how some people can stick to pursuing a single passion for the rest of their lives, don’t guilt yourself into thinking that you should do the same. There are a lot of things to discover and be interested in — hobby-hop as much as you want! There are tons of groups on Facebook about so many random but interesting things. Join one and maybe you’ll find something you’ll like and stick to it for decades or maybe not. Just don’t be afraid to try. One part in pursuing something is actually discovering it.

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