The Strathberry Midi Tote bag has been dubbed the Meghan Markle bag.
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The Meghan Markle Bag + Inexpensive Alternatives

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The Meghan Markle bag, a.k.a. the wine-colored Strathberry Midi tote bag the Duchess of Sussex carried to a World AIDS Day event last year, is now almost as famous as its owner. So much so that the Scottish brand that made it has formally named it after her.  Aside from it being carried by Prince Harry’s other half, the bag gained attention because of its unique design. While it is a structured bag, almost box-like in form, the contrast in colors gave it a refreshing twist. The gold hardware you can use to “lock” the bag also gives it a quirky touch due to its resemblance to a safety pin. Unfortunately, the bag is still out of stock. But we found good dupes for it, though! And they don’t cost GBP ~500.

Get the Meghan Markle bag (look) for less

River Island cream contrast snake panel tote bag

One of the many dupes for the Meghan Markle bag by Strathberry.

It’s a bit bigger in size, but it has the structured feel of the Meghan Markle bag. The snakeskin handle gives a nice contrast to the neutral color palette, making it versatile enough to be worn from the board room to the bar.

Perllini&Mel Faux Leather Document Handbag

A more laidback alternative to the Meghan Markle bag

This solid-tone satchel bag is a more laid-back alternative to what Meghan carried but still has that structured appeal. This one may actually be roomier than the original, but that makes it a great companion for the workplace (plus, all your personal essentials).

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Matthews Candice Sling Bag

A sensible alternative to the Duchess's famous bag

This sensible bag can be worn two ways: as a crossbody/shoulder bag or as a handbag. The color is also great for when you want a neutral option but would like to veer away from black. This easily elevates a casual look to something a bit more chic.

Sesura Vintage Feel Trapeze Shoulder Bag

A bolder take on Meghan's pick

It may be bolder in color than the original, but it’s still as chic and structured. The shape lends a sophistication to it while the hue gives it a bit of spice. Liven up any outfit with this pick.

Aldo Toups Handbag

A classic take on Meghan's pick

You can never go wrong with a classic. This bag is a more traditional take on the Meghan Markle bag, but we love it just the same. The contrast between the black body and straps and the gold hardware is just delicious.


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Get the royal look for less with these inexpensive versions of the Meghan Markle bag.


Featured image: Instagram/@strathberry

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