Top Picks Tuesday / Free People Wedding Collection ‘Ever After’

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Free People has just launched a wedding collection and it is every boho lover’s dream come true. All of the pieces have intricate detailing; most are flowing and feminine.
The brand is not readily available in our country and so I am not aware of its pricing. I’ve visited the website numerous times in the past but paid no mind to the prices because I’ve no intention to pay for shipping from far away (because our customs department here is all sorts of lewd). So it came as a bit of a surprise to me when I saw how much the pieces from the Free People wedding collection cost. 
While I have already said my vows to my husband and have no use for this (other than pure enjoyment), some of you might be looking into tying the knot anytime soon and might find this helpful. I would personally rather spend on more affordable pieces, but should I ever amass a truckload of money and consider renewing vows, I would pick one of these to wear.
Jill’s Corsage Dress (Php 33,389.79)
Dion Maxi (Php 48,971.69)
Willow Maxi (Php53, 423.66)
Vida Gown (Php66,779.58)
The pieces from the special collection are to-die-for, but there are also dresses from their regular line that look just as gorgeous. Below are some of them.
Fiona’s Maxi Dress (Php6,588.92)
Ethereal Lace Maxi (Php13,355.92)
Which is your favorite piece from the Free People wedding collection?
How much are you willing to spend on a wedding dress?

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