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‘Twas a Mad Year / Mad Cherry Anniversary

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Technically, this blog is a year and some months old. But on this day last year, I bought a domain to give this space some sense of formality. What for, I don’t recall anymore. But here we are. It’s been a mad year.

I’m not here often, but the times I was here have helped lead me to so many cool opportunities. I was able to work for a few brands. I got a writing gig. And I made new friends.

Starting out this blog, I had a lot of goals. I was able to achieve some of them, while most of them I don’t even remember anymore. Right now, though, I just want to be able to write more and learn more. Hopefully, I’ll be here more than I was the past year. No promises, though. If you were here when I first got here, thanks for being here still. If you’re new to this space, welcome. Here’s to (hopefully) a few more years of babbling about beauty.

Jorj Cornejo

Jorj writes and helps shape stories that stick in people's minds, tug at their heartstrings and move them to action. She spends her free time trying to read the whole Internet.

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