The highlights of our family trip in Baguio.
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Video: Baguio, Oh, Baguio!

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I’ve been to Baguio a couple of times in the past but never got to fully appreciate its beauty till our family went there recently. To say that I fell in love is an understatement. And it wasn’t just me. After going through some ukay stores, my daughter asked me suddenly, “Are we going to live here?” Puzzled, I asked her a question in return. “Why?” She answered, “Because I want to live here.” Our daughter, who is picky as picky can get, was enamored with Baguio. Well, I don’t blame her.

Aside from the cool weather (thanks to it being 1,400 metres above sea level), the city is beaming with personality and culture. As I’ve grown older (not that I’m that old, though), I’ve realized that places have energy. And the one this city has is palpable and enriching. And the food — oh my God, the food.

Our Baguio highlights

You can watch the video above to see what we did during our trip, but I thought I’d share them here, too. Of course, we went to the usual spots (save for Camp John Hay, which we weren’t able to enjoy due to the downpour). Here’s a mini-breakdown of our itinerary.

A view of the Baguio skyline during daytime.

Good Taste

You have to — and I mean have to — visit at least once when you go to Baguio. Everything’s a winner, even the price. The not so fun part is getting there when everyone else is. The lines can be really long. If you’re going on a weekend, make sure you’re there early (like 10:30 for lunchtime early).

Cafe by the Ruins

Cafe by the Ruins serves really nice merienda food like this turon.

No, it’s not a cliche. Their drinks are really good! The food is good, too. But to be honest, we didn’t eat meals there, just the ones for snacks because the pricing is a bit ridiculous. Everything else, however, is lovely.

Burnham Park

Visiting this spot made me wish there were more parks all around the Philippines and that they are kept clean. While I was panicky about going on a boat ride because there weren’t life vests for us to wear, the experience was still one for the books. Enjoy nature in the midst of a bustling city while you’re here!

Our family at Burnham Park in Baguio.

I’ve included some bits in our video that aren’t really located in Baguio so I thought I’d leave them out here. I recommend that you visit them, too, though. The BenCab Museum is so nice! We wanted to do strawberry picking in La Trinidad but, alas, there were no strawberries. Maybe when we come back in September (yes, you read that right).

How about you? Have you been to Baguio? What are your favorite spots to visit?

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